In "Transportando o Brasil", the players will feel how is a trucker life. A real truck driver not only drive your truck, he have many objectives to complete while execute his routine.

To get a better life for his family is only one, "Transportando o Brasil" is a different game, that brings a bit more of a truck driver life. In the game, the player can get out of the truck with your character to release some tasks.


Some Game Features:

Truck Models based on real Brazilian trucks;

Various types of trailers and cargoes;

Game novel based on a real truck driver life;

Character can get out of the truck;

Transportation company Offices;


Debits to pay (like water, eletricity, phone, food);

Goals to be reached;

All the Brazilian states;

Truck interiors based on each model of truck;

Sinalization in the road;

Songs from Brazilian bands;

Player can drive Cars;

Player can navigate with a "raft";

Dangerous Roads;


More than 100 hours of gameplay;

Sounds recorded from real trucks;


Cargoes values based on the reality;

Companies with working time;


Fiscal ranks;

Fuel Stations;

Various game cameras;

Support to Keyboard, joystick and steering wheels;

And, much more.